Deadpool 2 – review.

This is one of my most anticipated movies of the year so far, especially after the balls to the wall the first film served up. Plus all the excellent promotion it has been doing. Its a great pallet cleanser after Avengers Infinity War. I am of the opinion that this sequel is better at action... Continue Reading →

School gymnasium – a memory

im currently sat on an old school gymnasium bench, You know the kind right? The ones that make your fun hole more a fidgety pain but some how still numb hole?. Im watching holly (the daughter) do gymnastics ( they say gymnastics, but really it looks like a bunch of girls rolling round on the... Continue Reading →

God of war ,game review

God of War is already a strong contender for Game of the Year. (Seriously its that good) to put this into context, i have always been an Xbox guy,thats what my friends got and i followed. But my heart in this generation of consoles was with ps4. I managed to get one for ninety quid,A steal!... Continue Reading →

Avengers – infinity war,review (non spoiler)

After ten years and nearly twenty movies the end of the mcu as we know it has begun, Marvel’s ambition is breathtaking. Infinity War tells a tale on a scale never seen before in cinema. Marvel put together a complex plot involving six powerful gems called infinity stones, a villain called thanos ( who finally gets out... Continue Reading →

80 years of the superman

My first memory of seeing the big blue scout was the nineteen seventies movie. you will believe a man can fly was the movie had me fooled. I was a boy probably seven or eight years old when I first watched Christopher reeve, fly out of the fortress to those infamous orchestra beats for the... Continue Reading →

Beautiful england-lake district

england can be beautiful country. Maybe it's getting out of the cities and the bustling towns,but as a colourblind guy I have seen amazing colours this weekend.  We went away for the weekend to Ullswater,staying at the lovely and accomodating Ullswater holiday park. It's a great site simple and friendly with amenities on site. Going... Continue Reading →

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