Outings a fathers story

Sundays…. Bloody Sundays.. Aren’t they rubbish? TV is normally a let down your normally getting over the day before!  an dreading the working day after..

I try to beat this by taking my kids out on days out normally to a beach front somewhere!.(I live in North East of England there’s plenty to choose from) today we went to Seaham, appropriately so named.

Seaham is a lovely sea front town with an awesome pier with nice foody places and a lighthouse where you can often see waves smashing against it,its a fantastic sight.

Here we parked up n walked down to the beach heading straight for the rock pools to see what we could find.

Nothing!! evidently the critters of the deep were on there holidays.(take me with you!!)

So the fun part of today was just climbing the rocks and looking for interesting none slippy ways to keep our feet dry….. Didn’t go well eventually you get too ambitious with a climb or if your me too fat to jump or too clumsy…..(I got wet feet.) 

logan got wet feet too (not my fault he’s 4, his sole purpose in life is to get dirty and find puddles… And I took him to a beach.. Well done dad)but alas the tide came in an eventually caught up with us an we had to go.

We took a few nice piccies packed back into corey corsa an headed to hartlepool to see my dad who of course was residing at ye olde Durhams as it’s Sunday And bingo was happening (of course)..

We got there for last ten minutes of family allowed in time. logan.. not content with just having wet feet n legs, managed to spill my pint of blackcurrant over him completing his stylish wet look!!

a giggle indeed (took him back to dad’s an threw him in the dryer as you do) Sundays can be good.. I imagine if I keep telling myself that it will eventually sink in.

Home pj’s cup of tea and Netflix another Sunday survived!!…ps back to school tomorrow send help. Xx

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