Geek life

I am a geek.. I admit it I have a problem

Well.. Not really a problem I’ve been a massive geek as far back as I can remember!! Snapchat-1700748887.jpg

If I had to blame something it would be batman the animated series (awesome) and mighty morphin power rangers!(upon re watching with my 4year old I cringe, however the fantastic boom comics give me a better fix) fix.. Its an interesting term, geek life is like a drug to me I get the highs an lows from the comics to the toys and films. (similar to Eddie brock an the venom symbiote I am host to this parasitic Sci fi goodness)..


Now I’m a dad to three brilliant kids and they love the stuff I did/do..of course I’ve used this as an excuse to cover my house in the stuff I love from the legacy power rangers line to mcfarlane spawn an anime statues of all kinds (there not statues dad there toys.. As my 4 Yr old repeatedly tells me)


My birthdays coming up an I keep getting asked what I want and I genuinely don’t know what I want.. (really I don’t want to be putting shelves up. To fit them on).


Recently I helped my mum who is moving away clean out my old stuff where we found a massive black bag of comics!!I’m going to be honest though I do not remember buying most of them (maybe 3 of them so I can only imagine the geek fairy feeling very generous, seen fit to bestow me with more time wasting geeky goodness!!) but I think it shows how deep the need for this make believe stuff an how far back in my life it goes. 


Point is after being bullied for it most my life(I was the kid in school at 16 with spiderman drawings on his work book, I was bullied n beaten up for it) a moment came when I was sat in 2012 watching the avengers movie with one of my best mates, I looked over to my right an in the cinema sat near me were the very kids who made my school life suck watching an getting excited over the stuff I was bullied for, it made me both laugh an feel sick at same time.. But I got past it it’s just a moment I won’t forget.. So I guess My point is I’m unabashedly unashamedly a geek and proud!!

Currently drinking a mocha in my justice league pjs(nice one santa) watching the family pokemon card battle with moves/rules I completely made up… Shhhhhh


Ps.. For anyone afflicted with this fantastic self inflicting mental illness that is geekery.. There is a fantastic group on Facebook called the geek asylum. There genuinely run by amazing charitable geeks who make you feel locked after and #oneofus so if you read this an you were bullied most your life even working life like I have been.These peeps have been there they’ll hold you up an it’s a great place to talk about stuff you love an build a bit of confidence(I am particularly fond of there geekteefriday shameless selfie excuse) xx

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