Hartley @ the movies-Bright Review.


I like this movie I’ll be up front with that..

How I’d explain bright.. The premise from my point of view is lord of the rings happened an now we’re in our time.. Orcs are still hated for the part they played in trying to take over the world and so are treated like dirty muck on people’s shoes(the racial overtones are all over this movie).

Its painted with David ayers gangster/cop movie brush,so if you have seen his other films you know what your getting with this one.race, gangs, sex and dirty cops what else from Mr Ayer?

The movie itself is coherent with an easy plot an world building that leaves you wanting more. Magic exists in this world, its just rare (was) to come across. This worlds version of an fbi police the magic an keep it under control. This is where the elves come in.(the fbi magic thing is there shtick)  There’s another overtone glossed into this picture, that of class.

The elves are the higher ups rich stiffs with the best living situations. Fairy’s an other creatures as well as humans are Middle class, leaving the Orcs lower class an looked down on.(it really is no different from how things were perceived by elves in the Tolkien movies) 

I don’t believe in spoiling the plot but the basic plot is wand is found wand is bad/awesome wand is wanted by the good the bad and the ugly..all the actors are great in this movie I was particularly impressed by the Orcs performing under there heavy make up

Mr Edgerton and Mr Smith the focus of this movie were awesome as was the surrounding cast.The film is easy to follow with a good beginning, middle an I particularly liked the end, the picture touched up with a few giggles thrown in and fantastic effects to finish off.

Netflix I’ve read has ordered a sequel an if this movie cost just 90 million to make as I’ve read reported, then they squeezed out and made the best of every drop of that budget.  I’m Excited to watch number 2 and see where the world they’ve built goes (more dragons and centaurs I hope)BRIGHT_Unit_10265_R3_2040.0

I don’t like doing numbers for ratings I feel they can be taken negatively or used negatively. Films to me are either worth a watch or not.. Bright is definitely worth a watch.. Maybe even 2


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