A Tuesday ponder

Is Tuesday the longest hardest day of the week? .. (I think it might be) some call Wednesday hump day! But I see a Wednesday as a half way there the weekend is in sight(then watch it fly by your face like a bullet released by dead shot himself, suddenly it’s Monday an your sat there throwing your alarm out the window… It flew itself I swear).

But Tuesdays.. On a Tuesday it all feels so far away, I used to remedy this by having a take away (crying my chubby self into it as I ate the cheesy goodness) but iv got to be good..Salad an veg has now been mentioned to be on the menu (because that won’t make me cry)

So tonight’s plan,something to look forward too, to get me through today. kids in bed for 7,house tidied, kettle on for a cuppa(with one sugar your not taking that away from me healthy demon) an a bowl of green bits of tree for tea. Maybe even a bit of xbox.. Let’s be honest I’ll probably fall asleep on the couch before I turn the big Microsoft box on..onwards to Wednesday (humpday)

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