Reading to my son… An Adventure

Iv started finding pure joy in the little things in life.. One of these is reading to my 4 year old, he loves books as much as his dad does. (and comics.. My fault sorry not sorry)IMG_20170715_220724_164

The kids got more books then I do!! Which is expected (granted half of them are Thomas the tank Engine, an he is a troublesome engine )IMG_20180109_195136.jpg

I look forward to him being able to read himself to hear him reading sentences off the page. Seeing the emotions an expressions a story book conveys from a being I helped create is something I await with glee… Till then though!!

Reading megaboy (tonight’s choice), Reading to my son though can only be described as a repetitive strain injury.. (I’m Pretty sure I should change his name to either, hey, stop, or lay down) from the start of reading the book my son rises up slightly..“lay down”  starts reading second page.. again.. Boy rises higher, a sharp “hey”.. The boy shoots down to his starting place..IMG_20180109_195128.jpg

Fourth page.. Boys heads now level with my shoulder an started creeping behind me.. “stop” the ninja retreats back to his starting point…

Final page.. I can do this!! Dastardly dad is now mega dad in the book,logan says I’m megadad..  IM MEGADAD!!, well I was… I’m now the owner of what’s clearly a pikachu sat on my shoulder in the shape of my sneaky ninja boy!! Giggling his little head off… The git has turned me into his own climbing frame mid sentence!.Snapchat-1353756262

For the briefest second I’m angry(but my boys got one of those can’t be mad at faces), a smile creeps on my face. I pull him down for a hug tell him to stop being silly and tuck him in.. We read the last page.. I tell him I’ll see you later kidda.. “night daddy love you” love you too son and I do, so dam much xx

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