Lack of Internet, surprising results

So our Internet it down(oh noooo ).. So no Netflix, no online gaming, no browsing, no YouTube..

At first there was panic with my beautiful kids. They both sit either in a land of fantasy (Mario kart mostly) or deep in teen titans go(cannot stand that program) our evenings are normally cup of tea and Netflix orientated..

But tonight.. My kids are playing with their toys nicely.. An we’ve dusted off avengers on Blu-Ray to watch with dinner.. The atmosphere is lovely.. I could get used to this(que sound of kids arguing an a toy crashing down my stairs) maybe I spoke/wrote too soon..IMG_20170717_180509_076

But seriously isn’t it nice sometimes to just turn everything off n just hang out an actually talk? (though I’m now having to pick my birthday stuff an I was putting that off like a pro)

It’s mad how Internet orientated worlds getting from marketing to the jobs it takes and the shops it closes.. Convenience is the future.. I just hope we don’t actually forget to talk to one another, cuddle and spend quality time together.IMG_20170719_122422_533.jpg

I think that’s why we go camping quite a lot, no signal no WiFi just playgrounds cooking by the fire, being near water, stories and giggles I love it. We take books kids take some toys.. And our dog we caveman the hell out of a good weekend away.. Sometimes it’s just good to disconnect!!.. So I’m going to do just that now an enjoy it. Talk tomorrow hope your all good an well

Hartley xx

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