best friends

“Let’s be best friends” I was ten year old when I literally said that to one Mr Harris..

I don’t have the luxury of many friends I’m more of a I can count them on one hand guy.  I’m shy with new people an I’m not good with social things.

I had a small group of friends in high school an That did me. One by one though life happened as it does an most drifted away. But one constant remains Mark.FB_IMG_1515784362682

Mark is a skinny pale git an a red blooded geek like me. We found each other through our mutual love of star wars(we then found we liked everything the same… It’s like deadpool said I made him in a bottle) including sometimes the same girls(that got awkward, I was better with girls then him n by the time we’d worked out he liked said girl too he’d already wound himself up) FB_IMG_1515783692225.jpg

It was through talking about star wars I blurted out “lets be best friends”. And we have been ever since!! We’re both 31 now (how the hells it been 20 years). Lifes had its up an downs for us, we were both picked on at school but stuck to our guns an stuff we loved.we hurt together we fought together (literally) once we were jumped by hoodie types n we got few licks in for little geeks, I only got clocked by a punch when I looked over to see if he was OK. (we got pummelled). 

When my parents split up, mark an his mum were there for me. When his mum was poorly he stayed with us,we went on holiday together we both tried an quit college pretty much together..

When I had my own place we gamed the nights away. We did the whole out every week night on the booze thing till we were 21, an in pub on Saturday watching footy an both got tired of it,an ended up in (what could be considered super grown up)relationships.FB_IMG_1515783820795

Unfortunately I ended up being a punch bag in mine.. Mark was first one I told.. Eventually him an his mum came an got me, I moved in with them till I could save up some pennies. I loved it was like being with family again..

Bro is a term that gets flung about by guys n there mates.. But Mark is my brother I don’t see him any other way he’s family. Honestly sometimes more then my own family. I can tell him anything he’s same we make anything funny. I remember people calling us gay an saying I loved him because we were always together.. Yes I do love that man what man doesn’t love there brother.

When we were about 23 my eldest Zak was little an I was training to be a paramedic, Mark got diagnosed with cancer.. And I cried, probably harder then I should of. But the thought of that guy not being in my life wasn’t a life I wanted. I took time off to take him to his appointments,  a few times I even wrangled work to make sure I was at same hospital!!FB_IMG_1515783752036

We made a pact to shave our hairs off so losing his long hair wasn’t such a blow,  (our mate tj bugged out because his Robbie savage mane was life at the time) 

Thankfully he got past it an got better an I had my best friend he wasn’t going anywhere an I’ve repeatedly told him he never will be(nope.. Not ever) 

I moved up to the north east of England when I was 24. id broken up with my fiancé an I was working a permanent shift of ten in morning, an not getting in till 12 at night.(it drove me batty) I didn’t see my friends I only really seen my kid once a week.

It started making me ill.I phoned my dad in bits about how I’d nearly drove the ambulance into a wall and I didn’t no what made me do it but I knew I wasn’t right. My dad said to move up north an have a fresh start, at time it seemed my only option and I went.

But I missed my best friend an our other close friends, Ewok especially, Rosie kirsty Emmy and phil to name drop a few.I was torn.. I knew I couldn’t keep chopping an changing an I knew life by the sea kept me calm an online so I remained.. I rebuilt a relationship with my dad, and I met an fell for an amazing kind hearted anime loving geek (sarah)  who gifted me another son, an her daughter(now my daughter too) she was not only my partner but easily my best friend I don’t see my life without her in it. (that seems to be the best friend deal breaker she loves Mark too) 

Mark himself is now In a relationship with a friend of ours called Verity, and is now a great step dad himself, he works at game which is I think the job he loves the most(just needs to get out of his mums.. =p)

Life goes on we talk everyday though, makes things easier. We mickey take we send pics we geek up one another.. Even 200 miles apart were still an always will be… Best friends


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