I have Levelled up.. Not ageing.. Nope not me

Today I have reached level 31…hqdefault

I prefer that term to I’m 31 today.. I’m 31 all year.. Iv reached level 31, like the rpg video games I love so much,where you gain experience to progress an get wiser an stronger.Snapchat-1481198959

I’ve adopted this method because it’s much the same in life. Year to year we grow we learn we get stronger we gain experience.. We level up!!

Over the last year my quests were many from fatherhood, work, family issues, health issues (and finally finishing final fantasy 15,witcher 3 im still working on)

I sorted new tablets out for the rubbish tummy I was gifted. I told my boss how I felt about things rather then keeping it bottled up.I’m constantly learning to be a dad, The kids tell me they love me an love playing with me so hopefully I’m doing something right.


I did what was needed gained the experience finished the quest an now on the 14th of January iv levelled up..(really its just easier to get old if you make it fun)


Can’t wait to see what next year brings hope you all have / had a good level up day too xx

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