A house full of flu, and work to do..

Apologies for not having a blog for few days life as it inevitably does, caught up.. 


My house has been full of stomach flu since Friday.. (I’m still clearing it up) a lot of missing toilets an self professed dying (the mess you lot of made of my brand new sofas I might let you pass over).

I’ve somehow avoided it probably because I’ve been snowed under at work (seriously 25 hours overtime in four days I am battered).aa

By time I got home from work last night it was quarter to eleven.An I was up to travel to London at three am.I got home at half six this evening.. (I am now the zombie) genericZombieMale

My poor family are still pretty much bed ridden, My daughter Hollys got it the worst bless herflu

so house has been cleansed and back on top of,said family are now comfy and fed. Finally as I write this I am chilling with a cuppa and a hot bath (pondering the future ahead)


then along comes a logan,who has decided (as he often does) daddy’s in the bath that must mean he needs a bath too.  (translation.. I’m going to splash my dad n chuck all my toys in his hard earned bath)kilroy_was_here_wartime_comic_rectangular_sticker-re5acf57d924b4405b788850ade368d4a_v9wxo_8byvr_324

I write this as a complaint but really I’m smiling ear to ear. I love my kids yes the boy doesn’t stop… (ever) and the daughter thinks she’s 20 sometimes an 5 at others (she’s 10). But I wouldn’t have them any other way.. (he says with delusion… Maybe I am sick)


House is done there as settled as they can be, So tonight Xbox? , PS4?, comic book? Or bed? Probably a combination of the three involving the TV set to sleep an something easy on Netflix.. Night peeps xx

(pictures are obviously not mine they belong to who they belong too)

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