Me and fitness, my love and loathing of the gym an treadmills

This is my favourite food in the world!! It’s a chicken burger an chips, It comes from the cafe near my work an only costs a few quid.


And that’s half my problem. I’m five foot nine and currently weight fourteen and a half stone. I’ve decided that needs to change.. Problem is,I’ve been here before!!

Since the age of twenty five, I have become a serial gym joiner (one of those that turns up for a week then saunas it away) 

When I was younger I’d eat what I wanted I had the little six pack and the v-thing on my waist. (I’ve got gynaecomastia so pecks was never going to happen I was a two t-shirt guy) I did sit ups in my room, had push up competitions with my geek mates and i ran everywhere…life was good.


However..then I hit 22 split up with the fiancé,an shit food became my best friend. I still had a fairly long walk to work every day so kept the belly at bay.Then I got a car… An the weight piled on.


Every now an again I’d get myself to a point where’d I’d get sick of it an I’d join a gym, Blast a stone off feel better an quit. I’ve done this for eight years off an on. (at one point I legitimately  committed an started toning up again, then work happened I was out travelling in van all over back eating rubbish)


I have been at a Bannatynes gym off an on for a year or two now. It’s a lovely gym with lovely people a pool (a sauna obviously) fantastic classes an equipment…however I have developed a problem in the last 5 years. I HATE RUNNING!!


I can’t stand it (I was in an accident at work an hurt my knee permanently which aggravates this loathing) treadmills make my blood boil. I have been looking into strength training though, but I know I need to do cardiovascular (quick story, my sister was a chunky monkey but is now a size 6 stick insect who’s allergic to bread..possibly all food an runs everywhere. I’m very proud.. Not jealous nope not me)

The point of this blog is,I need to make this change I’m too big an I’m not happy. If I hold myself accountable to you guys hopefully I can keep this up. I find little tricks to keep me going.. Like classes you can’t cheat in a class they tell you off. An the punch bag, I bloody love the punch bag takes out stress an works up a sweat.. I don’t want to be a quitter and I don’t want to be in large tops anymore.


The food bit ill miss I adore a good burger, but I cannot live that way anymore so any tips or tricks you could offer this chunky monkey would be appreciated… Let’s do this!!!


(some pics are mine others belong to who they belong too) night peeps xx

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