Drawing, doodling, a colourblind geeks colouring life experience

I was about 8 years old when I was told I was colourblind.. I had painted a tree in art class an all the kids were laughing at me. The teacher actually told me off for not listening to her, when she told me what colour the tree was supposed to be painted..thing is I don’t know what colour trees are or grass or sky or what colour your car is..(i only know what I’m told when I ask… Hence the purple tree, cheers class mate).


There are all sorts of types of forms of my colour blindness, mine is best described as I can see it but I can’t match the felt or paint too it. The colours are there but my brain doesn’t compute it so I’m left looking like someone’s asking me algebra..


All my life I have loved drawing but after that escapade at school I stuck to black and white pictures. I was always too scared to ask for help incase someone took the mick. (years of stupid questions like “what colours my top” or “how can you drive” have put me in a shell when it comes to colours)so I stopped drawing for a long time


Last year I got a big tablet notebook for Christmas, it came with a drawing app an I found my love of drawing again. This handy dandy app allowed me to do loads of details an find new little ways to draw an paint I love it. However I was still only drawing in black and white.


One day while drawing venom.my daughter asked me why I never coloured them in and I explained.. She looked at me. Bemused and said ” it’s that colour daddy” pointing to the red for the tongue,Then the colour of the symbiote itself.. (My daughter Holly my little hero)


From then on any time I drew i had my wing man helping me. (that soon became a clothes shopping wingman too as I used to stick to just blue jeans an black or white tops)drawing, doodling, an colouring became a relaxation thing for me rather then taxing.


I have always been able to draw what ever I was either looking at or had seen I wasn’t so good at drawing stuff I’d made up but if I had seen it or was looking at it I could draw it an Holly would help me colour it (awesome daddy daughter bonding)


Eventually I found a tool that allowed me to pinch a colour sample to paint with and I didn’t need my wingman anymore (though she doesn’t know this an I still ask) it’s amazing how something you love can be torn apart by idiots only to have it be reborn anew an bring you close to someone you love


Most my drawings are nerdy geek related and I always put my own spin on them..And now my daughters spin is in them too because of her my superman’s capes are red (not green) and my green lanterns are green (not brown) love ya baby girl thank you for saving daddy in more ways then one xx

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