Chubby hartley-Struggling to diet.. Why are burgers so yummy?.

I need assistance!

my love of burgers is halting this fitness mission I am failing!! (currently sat in a pub, while daughters at gymnastics.. Awaiting a burger)


I dunno what it is about getting a slab of meat and sticking it between two pieces of bread that makes my mouth water..


My willpower when it comes to food is zero which is not good (any advice would be hot). I’m going to disney land Paris in May I’ve a mission to complete an I’m not sure I can do it on my own.. (can you lend will power, anyone got any spare?)


I have done coaching course’s on nutrition an health, I have the knowledge needed to slim tone an whatever I need to do. But lately my will powers just not cooperating!!

Maybe it’s work (more on that next blog) maybe it’s life in general, But I have got to find whatever I have got inside me, to put on my running shoes an step outside the door… And to turn my chicken dinner into a bowl of green(…. Yummy) 


Another weakness I have is chocolate milkshake.. (yes I am 31) I don’t know why I just love the things, I’m not even a massive chocolate fan!!


Anyway I digress, if I keep holding myself accountable and being honest to you guys hopefully it will keep me on the right track.. Now to keep this salad in my bun.. (not taking it out nope not me) xx


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