A town called Luton an the heart within

I was raised in Luton Town Bedfordshire, its probably one of the most multi cultured towns in the country an its full of the people I love.


The town gets a lot of stick majority of it unwarranted. From the racists or the so-called e.d.l it causes a lot of chew an alot of bad publicity. (I’m all for freedom of speech but I believe in treating others as you want to be treated, everyone’s equal) 


My mums family is in Luton, my beloved grand parents salt of the earth catholics.my lovely aunties, and mum and sister, an my fantastic very proud of cousins.


My friends, and my brother mark his mrs an kids. These are the heart of the town for me. From. Night’s walking home from Bury Park, nights out in Chicagos or liquid and chasing girls in Stopsley.(memories warm the heart an shape the soul) 


This will always be my home I met my first love here. I had my last heart break here, and my eldest boy was born here. I come back once a month from Hartlepool to see my son Zak an catch up with family and friends.


Everytime I come back I don’t want go make the drive back north, The memories are hard to leave the people I love missed.


Unfortunately housing prices have got beyond a joke down here and I could never afford to live here again. And to be honest I’m happy living by the sea I find it calming which my manic head sometimes needs. And as a working father the rent or housing prices are respectably affordable and reasonable.


Unfortunately some of my friends are being priced out of there homes or having to live in studios. At 30 year old that’s ridiculous to have a good 16k job an not be able to afford a proper space to call your own.


Luton is a town famous for making hats way back when. They have fantastic parks and museums and plenty of entertainment an shops (just expect to be queuing a while traffic doesn’t seem to fade here)


I’ve seen my boy.,And spent the afternoon with my brother and family for our birthdays. Seen my mum and currently sat at my nannas turning down another cuppa.


Dreading the 3 hour drive home. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my little home town and all the people in it.they come from all walks of life and places all over the world and I think that adds colour to what could be a dull place indeed.


Till next month I’ll see you later junction 10 xx


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