Life and everything in between..

First up apologies its been a bit since I last put thought to documentay!!


This is going to be my update blog, work, fitness ,food, life. I’ll be honest I have kept my self to myself for a week.I have been catching up on drawing requests and changed hours at work so getting used to that.


Let’s starts with the big one.As I had wrote in my first blog,I was changing job to a night job to be a stay at home dad with my kids. I had alot of back an forth even arguing with myself over making the decision,but my gut told me it was the right move.Upon making my decision an going to hand my notice in,my boss asked me to hold off till the Wednesday so we could talk.Wednesday came and at end of the day he called me in.we discussed my issues with the job,mainly my childcare costs and childcare in general.But also the job often resulting in making serah late for work (M1 an M25 for you) The original job I was hired for was a fabricator but due to circumstances I ended up out on road.Doing round trips from north east to Southend or Essex places like that.Absolutely no good when your kid is sick at school or sick in general.Leaving things Constantly falling on serah to pick it up.It got to the point where she’s in trouble at work,so enough was enough.There were other issues but they were stuff I could ignore.


My boss offered to change my hours.So Monday and Fridays I would start at six till half eleven term time,and quarter to ten half term time.Any hours I do between them is normal time till I hit forty hours.(my standard working week) So I went away an thought it over,weighed up the pros and cons.I decided to stay.I am two weeks into my new hours an honestly I’m regretting my decision..



The gym is paid for..that’s something right?.I have still not laced up trainers an hit turf.I have every intention of doing some running.(kill me now) i know its what I need to do to kick start my fitness.Im adjusting to new hours an it’s freezing an as I’ve said before,it doesn’t take much to put me off running..(we’ll get there).



This has changed,being home alot more I’m making more food as opposed to ordering in or going to the chippy.So pretty much nothing except rice and meat has passed my lips last week an a bit (I had one chicken burger n chips don’t judge) i am making progress there,think I’m on the right track.



Life is going well.Im enjoying my drawing again.I have been doing requests for geeky friends drawing them as there fave characters.Im really enjoying spending quality time with my son.I think we’ve literally spent two hours today play fighting .(he won obviously) I spent some time with my eldest son zak at end of month,wasn’t as long as I’d of liked but any time is better than no Time for me.I got more geeky old stuff off my emigrating mum and got an amazing nanna hug.Topped off with a birthday lunch out with mark and his Mrs and there kid.


There’s been some amazing games out for the beginning of the year.dragonball z is great,Digimon hackers memory is a fantastic game (recommended) and fortnite is one hundred percent a free to play game done right.I am also feeling the monster hunter tug..spoilt for choice.


I’m going to keep you guys informed anyway.Any hints or tips you got feel free to add…now I’m off to watch the Han solo movie trailer another twenty times #geeklife


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