Chubby Hartley-Walking..I’m not ready to run.

Saturdays should be spent sprawled out on the sofa.


But that’s the old thinking.If I’m going to shift any blubber I need to exercise,perilous though that thought is.Sat in the house today with mini me (Logan…yes after wolverine..geek remember) watching numberjacks in our PJ’s at 11am. A thought popped in my head (amazingly because that show is mind numbing) I need to get out this house.


So told Logan to fetch his clothes (an after 2 pijama sets an a onsie attempt) we got ready an out the door we went. The way to the park is a fair way away with plenty of trees to climb on the way.(I can’t help it I’m a climber)

We get to the park both a bit puffed out.(.it’s on an incline..I think..)but bonus the park is empty!!,probably because it’s freezing. Logan my little ball of energy is gone,neither bothered nor defeated by the weather the flash is on every slide every apparatus smiling an laughing his little head off…worth it..


I figure that’s what we’ll do,an hour’s walk on a Saturday maybe even on a Sunday.Its a little step but like the great quote said “that’s one small step for man,one giant leap for Hartley’s fat bum”


One walk home later..this was the rest of our Saturday afternoon…have a good one xxIMG_20171021_155113_484_01

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