Star wars…a hearts tale

Star wars is my first love..


I can honestly say that without a doubt.Now I was late to the star wars world.My family isn’t big on fantasy unless it was R rated so star wars wasn’t in my house.(plenty of RoboCop xfiles and terminator though) parenting done right obviously..though I can see now why I am so geeky..


My first foray into star wars was the son of a babysitter of mine..I seen these VHS(I know right??..whats a vhs..put it this way kids.when you rewound it the whole street knew about it). These tapes were on the shelf by the TV so intrigued I picked it up an read the back of it. I remember it sounding a bit mad an naff (bear with me I was ten)but there was a cool looking sword on it an that was enough to get me to ask to watch it,the journey began…


Withing the first minute of reading the crawl of a new hope,followed by that opening space battle,I fell in love. This was my bag,I binged all three tapes then upon noticing the numbers four,five,an six I asked where the rest were…”they haven’t been made yet Lucas started at four”..what!! (this was probably the first sign of my ocd that i can remember,i cant start things an not finish an this was starting midway!!) I was baffled an remember being really narked off.But lucky for me (yes I’m a prequelist) in nineteen ninety nine my first year in high school episode one a phantom menace came out (I didn’t get the long wait most fans had haha,I laugh Disney gave us last Jedi….enough said there) I was back in the world I fell in love with..for better or worse..


I’m not here to defend the prequels,I take the licks there and as much as I love them( I admit the dialogue is cringey an you could of done entirely without episode one an had a full clone war movie for part 2) they gave me some of the best star wars moments.the pod race,the lightsabre fights,the music,the ships,the planets..the Jedi archives!! I was hooked.


I’m still hooked,star wars has been with me throughout adolescence and into adulthood.The books the games there all connected to amazing memories I’ll cherish (I’ll try an list some but we’d be here all day),an I can watch those films again and again.Luke Skywalker was my hero..I even screamed “mark hamill” in an assembly once when some footballer at my school asked everyone who there hero was..I still remember the slow turn of the whole of my year and the death stares as said footballer retorted..the Jedi??..yes the Jedi were my heroes.


I was coming up twelve and as Lucas recently said,he created star wars for 12 year olds.Id made my life long best friend Mark who was just as into star wars as me. Due to the prequels being out,we had all the books an the cards the toys an the expanded stories for little padawan anakin and mace windu,Yoda. Anything we could get our hands on we gassed about an imagined our own head canon stories,it was bliss.


Every year at school we had a sponsored walk,during the first three years we had this game where we’d pretend we were either downed rebels or storm troopers trying to make our way back to whatever academy we were from. We would pretend we were getting chased by some imaginary foe for little runs, We loved it.My favourite book series at the time was the Jedi academy novels ( though there no longer canon still a great read ). This told the story of Skywalker after return of the Jedi,building a new Jedi academy whilst at the same time a sith did the same with a dark Jedi academy. It was awesome,I actually booked those books out of the school library so often that upon leaving school,The librarian let me keep them.( Result )


Two thousand and five,two years years after leaving school and having girlfriends an starting grown up stuff.revenge of the sith came out an we went with our girlfriends (not our girlfriends connection..maybe there was haha.).Lucas said it was to be the last movie an it was awesome(epic as my eight year old likes to say).mark cried at the end..I did too (he doesn’t know that an I mocked him lovingly for it) it wasn’t all bad we had the books an the games…..just realised he reads this..he knows..oh dear


I remember one game,called the force unleashed coming out that was mind blowingly awesome.even now with the new techno consoles they don’t make games as good as PS2 an Xbox 360 had it.I bought this game and a PS3 on the day I passed my driving test I was over the moon,straight back to my flat with Mark and star wars all weekend!!


Then the years flew by,star wars content became few an far between and children arrived,star wars fell to the background for a bit.but then..que the empires theme the house of mouse purchased it and promised new things I was excited again….(see above obi wan)…but jokes aside I was all in.


The force awakens was an awesome movie,so rewatchable and kept you guessing.Id made my own story up once about a storm trooper becoming a Jedi so the character of Finn was right up my alley(turned out it wasn’t quite as the trailers had you thinking but awesome nonetheless). We got a new series rebels,again awesome.New games for consoles like battlefront ( controversial it maybe but it’s fun an looks beautiful ) we’ve also a new canon of books to read,possibly my favourite part of the new Disney empiric rule over my true love.


Claudia Gray’s lost stars is a fantastic book and I have read it through at least three times very recommended. The new marvel star wars comic line is also amazing,Vader is my favourite run.The Latest film we got last Jedi an I’m not going to rag on it or spoil it. All film is subjective but I didn’t like it,I have seen it twice to try an like it and I just can’t. Again like i said Skywalker is my hero an that wasn’t what I wanted for him.( Less  said about that movie for me the better )


Point of this rant (there is one) is that star wars helped me grow up.It taught me strong women were awesome,and life can be silly an fun during the darkest times.Its been there through pretty much every key part of my life.and now I have kids who love it probably more then me in fact we both just caught up with the latest star wars rebels and balled our eyes out. My one regret is they wont experience the Vader reveal the way I did (i started them at one,OCD for you) but hopefully they will grow up with it too.My four year old has four lightsabres an both my boys have a full screen accurate kylo renn costume (i’m not jealous.., I am partial to wielding Mr renns sabre when we play fight though.cross swords are awesome) something I loved that touched me more then a night in amsterdam, is now embraced by the people I love an mean the most to I also now have the perfect excuse to watch play or read anything to do with that world an relive the memories they come with again and again.


Obviously not all pics are mine they belong to who they belong too xx


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