Halo..it’s complicated


I love the world created by the Microsoft Xbox game halo.Ive played all the games I have read the books. My shelf’s are littered with cool statues of the protagonist master chief and other super Spartans.


But as much as I find the back story an lore interesting.I find most the games a slog,but I keep playing them as it puts me in the world. The latest game to come out was halo 5 an it was beautiful,cool weapons cool enemies but flawed.


The story was over as it felt like it started.The ad campaign hyped up the main character going rogue an having to fight a new character. This didn’t happen and what game we got involved master chief fighting the same boss at least 3 times that I can remember, then it was done. I was disappointed but I could not stop playing it.why?.


The world I think,the battles between the covenant an the space marines were awesome.(the talkative panicking grunts particularly funny) the effort put into the games creation, from the graphics an mechanics to the cheats (skulls that gave you mods like the party popper fireworks for head shots). Even the shooting and vehicle mechanics were brilliant.so enjoyable and replayable.


Story was not something I understood during halo 1 an 2 I was just there to pew pew pew ( space gun shooty noises) .But when halo odst came out I found my self intrigued (still my favourite halo game) I also found myself buying halo books online an really deep diving.


I was riveted about cortana,master chiefs ai (artificial intelligence talking lady) and her seven year life span before falling to rampancy and what that would do to the characters I’d been on this journey with. Halo 5s story started the beginning of the end for cortana but that was a few years ago now (hurry up Xbox you have lost me to PS4 through waiting for games as it is)


Maybe it wasn’t really the story that kept me playing because I think the story is better in the books.so why have I traded halo 5 in and repurchased it like 3 times.the disappointment makes me get rid when it sits there collecting dust,but like your kids that one time there away from home I missed it..I missed the pew pew pews,the sticky bombs the vehicles the funny as hell grunts you hunt with merciless grinning totality..but more then that..


I miss playing this game with my friends,because like Goldeneye for the beloved N64 before it.Halo multiplayer is a blast,there’s nothing like it not even today in this micro Transaction world we live in (that has me longing for the simple N64 life). You cannot beat playing a bit of halo with your friends.what ever they did there making these games they got me hook line an sinker.An lets not beat about the bush..I am rubbish at this game (serious teabag bait) but I love every minute of being there with my friends. An that to me is the point an true joy of gaming friendship either existing or made. xx



Pics aren’t mine obviously credit to creditors xx


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