Black panther Vs killmonger,the movie review

I loved this movie it’s not my favourite in the MCU …


Saturday night I saw this in a packed cinema two weeks after release an the qué was out the door!!. I’m glad we got there early enough to get a seat and snacks. Anxious I waited for this movie to begin. I enjoyed the trailers but I was getting impatient. Ive wanted this movie since civil war introduced us to this character fast be coming mine an my two son’s favourite avenger.


After returning to 1992 (mission report?) for a prologue adventure,we are then taken to a beautiful country with the new king. The costumes are stunning from the different tribes to the future tech truly stunning I could of watched this world for hours.


The conflict of a better future and weather Wakanda should remain isolated,were just a few themes present in this movie. Some of the themes were so powerful but i felt only touched the surface(that’s what sequels are for though right?). luckily infinity war is drawing ever closer!.


This film caused plenty of emotions to rage especially the stuff dealing with fathers. (Seriously needed tissues). T’challa shouting at his dad regarding a particular plot point had me tearing up. Other scenes had me belly laughing as marvel does so well. Despite pretty much guessing the plot,I still left the film thinking and smiling.


The chemistry between the characters was fantastic I’ve never seen a supporting cast this good. Chadwick Boseman was awesome (and still makes me question my sexuality) as the crowned king of wakanda. He showed vulnerability power and charmed my socks off.


Winston Duke who plays M’Baku, leader of the Jabari tribe. He was a reason I giggled a lot in this movie,his character flip was one I didn’t see coming and loved.


There were so many moments for the supporting characters I couldn’t keep up. I think Okoye, played by Danai Gurira, had the coolest moments, especially as she was fighting and the interactions she had with King T’Challa was fantastic.


This movie has the best portrayal of strong women I’ve seen in a movie.The women were just as important as the men, from leaders in the council room, to the DoraMilaje  being the chosen guard of the King. Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o), (so beautiful) had significant importance and wasn’t just a love interest for panther. Shuri (Letitia Wright) was intelligent but also had an innocence with the cute sibling moments with her brother (some of the stand out moments from this standout actor).


Michael B Jordan was amazing as Erik Killmonger. He made me feel for his character I understood his anger. Loki is still top dog but for reasons i wont spoil. Marvel still has a villian problem (maybe keep more then one around )


It was also great to see mr serkis back as klaue from age of ultron (love that movie) A fantastic actor ,and a character you would have to have in a black panther movie.(we need his mix tape)


Angela Bassett and Forrest Whitaker as Queen mother Ramonda and priest Zuri were excellent as we knew they would be. Sterling K Brown, while his role was small, was still important and made me tear up.


Director Ryan Coogler, who also helped write the Black Panther script, hit this out the park and after creed I’m not surprised.(another Hartley reccomends)


The original score by Ludwig Göransson is haunting relevantly used an we’ll played. There was a predictable flow to the action choreography, but there was various fighting styles I appreciated it. The first fight scene was a bit poo because it was shot mostly in the dark and I couldn’t make out what was going on (but maybe that’s the point)


I think my favourite action scene was the car chase scene all the main players got a chance to shine. The tribal battles were also awesome, especially with the mentioned music in the background,I could not get enough of this world.


Black Panther is a worthy film added to the Marvel cinematic universe. One thing that I hope gets some love are characters from the LGBT community its about time everyone is represented.Hopefully this starts a trend that will be felt for a long final it’s not my favourite MCU film but after ten years it’s a tall order to try but it’s up there for definate and I can’t wait to see the ends reprecussions on the rest of the marvel world.I think it’s also time we treated the villains like the main characters I’d like to see them return for rematches.

So till infinity war,Wakanda Forever!


(Obviously pics aren’t mine there whoever’s they are )

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