Chubby hartley-Takeaways are boring me

I’ve been good last few weeks,but we’ve had a busy weekend resulting in eating out three times…not proud..


The first was a parmo a delicacy up here in teesside and probably the reason I’m a 34W. The kids had a pizza they were happy,I was not.I realised ive gone off my chickeny goodness.


After the snow storms our local shops had no stock no shopping to eat with an I didn’t want freezer food. So dominoes was ordered an as you can imagine it was devine (they are the best,but stupid prices)I had no problem enjoying that one but there a rarety.Far too expensive for my budget so fixes itself there.


Then last night,again busy day snow stuff an I’d been cinema so ordered a pizza from our local expecting dominoes like divinity…not so I felt dirty didn’t enjoy it at all. I think I have cracked it. All that healthy eating I have been doing has put me off eating crap. I don’t enjoy it I’ve no urge to eat it,I think I’ve cracked’s hoping anyway. The future of shrinking my butt is looking bright.


As further incentive,I purchased my first cosplay I need to trim up for..considering I ordered my size an still popped the crotch..(shudders)

Still going,maybe I’ll start a weigh in (shudders again) 


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