Peter Pan ,that explains alot

As part of my son Logan an me’s saturday morning rituals of Disney movies.todays choice was Peter Pan.


My son sat glued to the floor (my son is 4 he sits still for nothing not even in his sleep…seriously help) he bopped to the music an laughed an squeeled with joy. And after 25 years…I was sat doing the same.


This was my favourite childhood film and my favourite book growing up. I never understood the connection until I sat with my boy watching the movie. I am Peter bare with me!!


Not in the literal sense obviously I can’t fly or talk to fairies. But I have always been a lost boy,never fitting in anywhere. Not with family not at school I’ve never known what to do or say around others, and I have never ever wanted to grow up (and I never will)


I can relate now having aged to 30 ..(31) my story being similar to pans. Pirates being the mainstream the confirming the trendy everything I rebel against an hate. Constantly battling to defeat them an be left to my own world.


My roads the second one on the right!! And Constantly chasing my shadow representing stuff behind me I wish I could change. Or the depression an anxiety I constantly escape from.


Mermaids I guess being the girls I constantly flirted with,never knowing when to stop before I was drowned.


Tink being that one girl that stays by your side always. The Indians off the island being the people in my life who tolerated me sometimes making an effort with me other times ignoring.


And the big one is the lost boys. Now like I have said before, I am rubbish at making friends I don’t fit in,I’m clumsy and I constantly do or say the wrong thing. The few friends I have made I’ve had for life and there cut from the same cloth as me. Through lack of a parent or geekyness or just plain not fitting in, We were the lost boys of our youth.


We didn’t have a leader really but I did tend to find all the cool stuff an make the gang laugh an I was definitely the biggest kid ( I still am ) and our adventures were many (and I’m sure they will fill up these blogs) though now rare (unless an occasional Xbox session counts) they will always be my lost boys.


My kids now take up my time an give me all new adventures,they are my new lost boys like Peter,i have had to let the old ones grow up (when they get round too it) like it or not my house full of geek toys statues an comic books,my movie collection full of pop culture though bills need to be paid an work needs to be done, like the pan..


I will never grow up an I will be a ridiculous old person be prepared.

Cock a doodle doo


(Not all pics are mine obviously for fair use and reffencing)

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