Hartley @ the movies-The shape of water ,review

 Set around a government laboratory in the nineteen sixties, Del Toro’s newest story follows the facility’s mute janitor Elisa (played fantastic by the wonderful sally Hawkins), her life is turned upside-down when a strange amphibious man (creature king Doug Jones) arrives as a captive. There to be experimented on in the US’s science race with the Soviet Union.
Del Toro’s script may be set around the sixties, but all the strands of his narrative are deeply rooted in the now, from the bullying of the seemingly powerless by powerful men to the notion of forbidden love. I loved this movie,the layers of themes sewn throughout were an instant hook.
The Shape of Water

It’s a marvel in storytelling that despite this fable being a fantastical fairy-tale I found myself engulfed and drawn in. This is a love story above all else and although not usually my bag,I was glued from the start. To be honest it’s all just rather wonderful to see play out.


The supporting cast were amazing particularly Mr Shannon as the baddie (I will find him!!-zod) they all had there own little sub plots woven in without. I was also really impressed withe the sets on this movie so gorgeous,every frame could of made a great screenshot or a poster.


The music both haunting an relevant. I’m a big fan of this director give him any project he wants,I know I’ll be there to watch it.


Hartley reccomends.


Have a good one xx

(Pictures belong to who they belong too,used for visual representation an reference only)

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