Diverticular disease

So I’ve got an elderly persons disease (so people keep telling me) and this week I suffered an attack. (Warning this will be a little bit graphic)

Diverticulitis - chir 33

Diverticulitis is a formation of holes in the intestine area,like a weakened wall. An attack is caused by obstructions caused by food parts getting stuck in these holes, it’s also caused by certain foods aggrivating the weakend wall.


Treatment for this is a strict diet, an no over exertions (hard when you work in a factory) ultimately if its bad enough you get surgery for a resection. This is where they cut away the bad intestine an rejoin it.


So this week Wednesday night, I was asleep (obviously) when I was awoke by shooting sharp pains in my stomach. Rushing to the toilet thinking it was mass evacuation time, nothing would come. Instead i vomited till I thought my insides were coming out. When this eased off I passed mess out the other end.But it was bloody n gunky I knew then I needed to get seen.


I went back to bed after telling my boss I wouldn’t be in work and why (my boss is pretty caught up on my rubbish tummy) and went to the doctors. Now I recently changed doctors after being told I had a 3 week wait for an appointment (ridiculous much NHS?).


I told my doctor what was up..my doctor’s response was amusing..”that’s an old persons disease your too young to have that,there’s no way you have that” ,”it’ll be on my notes”. “I’ll look now but there’s no way….oh wait yes you do have it ah..”


So came the barrage of tests..dreaded needles (I hate the things,there’s stories of me passing out but if I don’t remember it. So clearly it didn’t happen..)usually followed by the camera probe up the part your normally at least taken for dinner first (don’t even get a lollypop after,romance is truly dead) and pumped with anti bs. The blockage is cleared n tissue apparently taken for testing.


So today’s now Saturday and  I’m curled in my justice league jarmies.(it’s frigging snowing..again) feeling sore and tender. Im researching foods and exercises, this happens to me once or twice a year and I’m tiring of it. I attempted push ups curious as it had been a while. Got to 11 before my eyeballs felt like they were buggering off .


Anybody can do the time for change malarkey, too be honest I had already changed what I was eating . I had two naughty days in a row at lunch and maybe that’s finished me off I’m not sure. What I do know is I’m tired of the pokes an prodding,I’m tired of days spent in pain and I’m tired of letting the disease beat me..it’s my turn .


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