Sunday’s tip when poorly (you need a Pingu)

Today is Sunday..(all day..I know) 


I’ve been doing nothing but drawing an watching forensic science on Netflix all day. Still recovering from being poorly. I am not one for sitting doing nothing (unless on loo or sleeping or gaming). I haven’t touched a game since Tuesday,usually the idea of a few days off work could be a gaming sesh. Unfortunately I was battered.


I have mostly spent my time drawing,asking family an friends what to doodle. I got some great responses that has honestly helped pick me up. An something twigged even resting I was being creative I was doing something and it wielded a result. I didn’t sleep the four days away or let myself get sucked into feeling rubbish, I kept myself busy an comfortable.(cuddling Pingu)


When I showed people what I’d done they told me it was great and I instantly felt great (perhaps helped in part by Pingu) so I learned that yes I still can’t sit and do nothing despite my first statement.

Second, if your in a rubbish spot physically or mentally,find a way to be creative. A way to be busy while getting the rest you need. I don’t think you will regret it

( and if your tummy’s pants get a Pingu)


Take care ,Hartley

P.s Pingu is the son’s hot water bottle,he gave it to daddy to look after him.


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