Doctor, Doctor ,I’ve a little bit of lettuce sticking out of my bottom .. Oh dear, I’m afraid to say it looks to me like just the tip of the iceberg

Sexy arent they?


Turns out my bad tummy got a bit serious . As said in previous blog,I’ve had a sore stomach since Wednesday night. Still not much better by Monday I still went to work.I was still in pain but I finish early Mondays so I pushed to make it through. Tuesday however was a different story.


I’d had no sleep and that pain was getting worse, Accompanied by stabbing pains in my fun hole. Still I got up went to work. I could barely walk or lift every movement aggravating the pains, constantly going loo feeling ready to be sick . By one o’clock I was dizzying an shaking from the pain. quarter to two my phone rings and it’s the doctor.(no not the fun Kind with the TARDIS or the magic marvel one)


The doctor needs me to come in as soon as possible.( Timed That right because I was feeling like I needed one ) so after finishing work serah took me straight there. the doctor told me my blood tests show something’s up.


I explained I wasn’t any better and that somethings going on with my fun hole. The doc took one Pokey look…and admitted me to hospital where I’m now awaiting being put down (asleep) and cut up for medical science (and my health)


At the moment, Im shattered but everytime I drift off im woke up by pricks for nurses (thats supposed to be the other way around ) I think my left arms looking like a pin cushion (feels it) .I have have given up trying to sleep for the minute and had genius idea of writing on meds. Im dripped up dosed up an probably drooling ( 2 more an well have a dodgeball sesh)


The special one brought me my geek stuff up to keep me plodding till my surgery in the morning. ( Isn’t it strange when your nil by mouth you suddenly want sustinance even though you have no appetite #rebelliousintent ) I got choked up at Logan upset his daddy isn’t home. When it comes to raising that kid,I must be doing something right. My mum’s been checking in and my sister and Dad and my friends,even at 31 it’s the little things that mean the most. I’m a lucky guy ( I love you familam)

So readers you are up to date ,my little belly problem is now swollen belly sore fun hole time with stitches for dessert….gulp. The eyes are getting heavy I better try and sleep, night world.

Stay safe



I would like to point out I love nurses,my mum is a life saving kick ass midwife and when she reads that nursing comment will probably put me back in hospital…x

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