It’s been a week now since the surgeon at North tees hospital carved me up like a roast dinner. I’ve had lovely well wishes and visits an check ups.(even had a doctor kind enough to ring an check on me !!) 


So I’ve had a weeks recovery,I can’t drive or lift and I’m wearing nappies (bleeding) my head’s done in!! I even convinced myself I would go back to work after a week instead of the two weeks I have been signed off for. (Got told off for that) . my kids have been brilliant so helpful an loving,Daughter at one point told her friends she wasn’t playing out to look after me ( or play the Wii u but it’s the thought I loved)like wise Logan has been a gentle gem lots of cuddles an asking if daddy’s ok. My dad came over and hung out,my mum an sis phoned me most days very appreciated.


What have I been up too you may wonder (or not) ive been curled up in a ball either sleeping or watching stuff on netflix. I binged ghost wars in a day ..not sure about that one yet though, good concept but ..weird. I have watched all the Denzel films (because he’s amazing) and slept through god knows how many episodes of forensic files (future planning )


I ended up back in hospital Saturday as I was impacted and needed more poking and my stitches checked. I was discharged with the wrong medicine that caused me grief an all. Soon got it sorted though an had nothing but real cooked food since release.


But all in all ,I have to praise the NHS if it wasn’t spotted I’d be alot worse then just stomach cramps from a lack of toilet visits. The nurses in that hospital are lovely laughing along to my rubbish jokes , making sure I was alright cannot fault them.


I am however getting fed up of my own company now as I’m sure everyone looking after me is too!! I keep trying to do everyday stuff and told off, I am a slow learner. Thank you for everyone’s messages an making me giggle even though it literally hurts to laugh. Managed to get a hair cut and a shave yesterday felt a bit more human (sitting down for that was agony) They say laughter is a healer an I’m starting to feel much more like me.


Take care,




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