Camping and the lakes

Tomorrow I’m going to my favourite part of the country the lakes,Ullswater to be more precise. Ullswater near keswick along the a66 is beautiful,nothing but sights and views and beautiful landscapes an water.

We either stay at haven in Lakeland (end of may) or Ullswater holiday park. Tomorrow is the latter. We recently got two new tents so we’re taking the Bordeaux 4 I think it’s called. It’s a big green behemoth of a tent,we tested putting it up in the garden last week an it’s easier then the size would have you believe.


So our clothes are laid out an ready to pack, an kids are very excited (loud I think the term with a four year old is expcially loud and bouncy..I’m probably going to regret this). Ullswater holiday park site is a nice little place with an onsite pub arcade chip shop and shop. The atmosphere is lovely an everyone’s friendly.(it’s also got a big park for the kids to play /swim in mud in) It’s just a nice cheap break,a tent plot was twenty five pounds and it’s an hour’s drive from my house.

I’ll post pictures tomorrow or Sunday of the views an sights and fun .

Hope you have a great weekend / geekend

Take care



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