Beautiful england-lake district

england can be beautiful country. Maybe it’s getting out of the cities and the bustling towns,but as a colourblind guy I have seen amazing colours this weekend.

IMG_20180414_210419_653.jpg We went away for the weekend to Ullswater,staying at the lovely and accomodating Ullswater holiday park. It’s a great site simple and friendly with amenities on site. Going mainly to test out the new camping equipment I got for Christmas. Our tent is a royal Bordeaux 4 and it was massive. Tent took half an hour to put up then it was just a case of putting beds and furniture’s up.


The weather was glorious,finally spring was here!! ( As night fell we quickly realised it was not ) unfortunately the chippy on site was closed so we hopped in the car for some tea and a shop for milk and breakie ( KFC would have to do ) 

Daughter and daddy after tea

After tea we drove up to Glenridding towards kirkstone pass,stopping off at a lake while the sun went down snapping pictures. Having had enough the four year old wanted to go back to the campsite ( to go to the park,so dad could get his butt stuck on the climbing frame ) on we went and Straight to the park. After a few giggles the pub opened on site including kids arcade. Holly was off with her pocket money moving faster then when the ice cream truck appears. I got myself a nice cold shandy ( im not a drinker ) they had juice an cokes. It was delicious very refreshing after a nice hot day.

Snapchat-2026100380.jpg the night was something different,almost as if mother nature herself was paying a prank ” oh you enjoyed that bit of sun did you? How about some nice minus degrees to sleep with?”. It was freezing!! The tent was as if the TARDIS appeared and dropped us off to the artic for a laugh. The kids were sound in there onsies and sleeping bags…my bed had a quilt on it..clever old me. So after about two hours sleep I have realised a few things

1. I don’t like camping..when miss nature’s playing with the weather ( I’ll be back in the summer ) 

2. I’m not sleeping on a blow up mattress on the floor again. ( Nope no way I’m out ) 

3. Electric pitches are the future ( heaters,pad chargers but mainly heaters ) 

4. Sleeping bags and actual camp beds are a must ( no floors I’m 31 my backs not having it anymore )

The morning was saved by sausage and egg breakie and a awesome British cup of tea ( how do we function without it..tea I mean ) after breakfast and a shower,the fridge freezer/tent was packed away and back to teeside we went. Despite mother nature having a giggle, the sights of the lake District are breathtaking. Spending the evening star gazing cuddling a cup of tea was also a highlight. I know it’s simple things but England truly is beautiful and green with hidden beauty that has kept a smile on my face despite the shivers and the zombie crawling I’m currently doing To my bed. I’m going back to Lakeland for a week long holiday/punishment at the end of may.. I just hope mother nature’s stopped throwing a strop by then and let the sun out to play . All jokes aside it was great little weekend. So if you need a break Ullswater and the lake District is cheap,gorgeous and a bevvy of clear skies an clean air of glorious country.I cannot recommend the lakes and Ullswater holiday park enough having stayed there a few times now I’ve no complaints.

Ps. When you are one of two tents staying in the whole place..why would you park an camp up next to someone else’s tent when you had the whole site to yourself?? ( You’ll get no sleep next to my kids they wake the rooster )

Take care



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