80 years of the superman

My first memory of seeing the big blue scout was the nineteen seventies movie. you will believe a man can fly was the movie tagline..it had me fooled. I was a boy probably seven or eight years old when I first watched Christopher reeve, fly out of the fortress to those infamous orchestra beats for the first time. Batman was the first hero I remember watching, but from that movie on I always wanted to be superman.


The guy was good and his powers awesome. He was indestructible and strong,fast and shot lasers out of his eyes but most amazing of all,He could fly!! I wanted to be superman. I remember asking for a costume an never getting it. I’d even settle for a t-shirt but they only ever seem to come in XXL and adult in the old record shops. ( I’d probably get away with that one now ) my wardrobe is full of superman tops again filling my geeky life with the stuff I couldn’t get as a kid.( Yes I have the costume from my 21st..darent put it on now)

Apologies it was 10 years ago and my birthday.

But it’s more then that, the symbol on that mans chest gave me more then hope. It gave the nerdy teen I was courage. When I first pulled a girl I was wearing a superman top ( true story ) from then on I always wore one. Be it under other clothes or on top it was there. Some thing about the symbol of the house of El made me feel better like I could be a better person. ( Daft it may be but it worked for me).

18 year old me..


Back to being a child. After the movie my next foray into superman I remember was the Dean Cain an Teri hatcher Lou’s and Clark that played on a Saturday her in the UK. I loved this show the music the stories I was hooked. I don’t believe I ever missed an episode (including the weird frog clone thing) then it ended it was not renewed. Internet wasn’t what it was then so when I was told oh it’s back next summer,and it didn’t come back to be honest I just moved on…too the animated superman series by the people behind the batman one. It was fantastic , yet again amazing stories and a more fallable superman not as god like as some portrayals. It humanised him more and made for great watching. This show sequwayed into justice league from what I remember. Although I enjoyed JL I wanted more superman. We then got smallville the no rights no flights show. I literally grew up watching this show and I lapped it up I loved it. I stuck through it thick and thin until what I thought was an awful finale that I felt had no pay off on the ten years put in to it. Disappointed was not the word ( he wore a superman t-shirt in the finale and never put the costume on. If you can break the flights rule you can break the tights rule )


As most geeks an gamers will know, superman has had a torrid time in games but still I bought everyone ( my kryptonite you might say..) superman 64 I traded games in for and it was dreadful. The PlayStation one was playable based on the animated game. The Xbox one was empty over the top cheesy. And the superman returns game was worse then the snoozefest movie. I think supes best appearances have been in fighting games.


Superman movies were in and out of production hell for years until in the 2000s when superman returns appeared. Leaning on the nostalgia of the reeve movies, it leaned too much. Same plot no action an absolute bore with a creepy stalker superman I found an uncomfortable watch.



Then we got man of steel a reboot an DC’s attempt to capitalise on marvels universal aspirations. I loved this movie it was fantasy and science fiction at its best. It was devisive though as people wanted more reeves in there superman and less batman. But Henry cavill is a brilliant superman chiseled and charm abound.


Onto its sequel batman Vs superman, again devisive but the ultimate extended edition I think is superb, Zack Snyder is a master of film every scene poster worthy. But it’s not without its problems. It did give us the first real comic book portrayal of batman though and wonder woman is just wow. Overall I loved bvs.


Justice league came next and Warner Bros it seems was trying to react an please everyone. Resulting in a choppy sloppy film, yes everyone smiled but superman’s smiley return though I enjoyed it just showed how pointless the need for a justice league with superman was. Complete opposite to the comics which finds a need and a way. Though a fan of firefly I don’t think whedon was right to finish Snyder’s work. I’d of loved him to take on a justice league two from the start.


Currently the superman mythos is played out on tv with Supergirl and new show krypton. Supergirl is a fun show with a charming story and fun action. Krypton was a show I didn’t want it sounded daft but I tried it. I’m a few episodes in, and I have to say it’s great! I recommend highly it’s not the show it has you thinking it is ( like a kinder egg get past the chocolate and the real funs inside )


The comics have been part of my life ever since I got pocket money, though my shop didn’t sell them in order I never cared it was superman. The boy scout turns 80 this year and the comics just reached 1000 issues!! created by Mr Siegel an Mr Schuster. I imagine they had no idea of the legacy or length there character would get or the mileage taken out of it. Superman has been reinvented probably a hundred times now. But the core of who he is has always been there and that’s the part I personally always gravitated too. Even when powerless through some macguffin superman always did the right thing. In a world when we need to make mistakes to grow an learn an when sometimes the easy way out and the wrong way is easier. It’s good to know that for eighty years the blue guy has been there for kids and will be around for many more.showing them the right way to handle things with truth and justice.

Happy birthday superman

Take care



Ps. As mad an idea as the 1990s superman movie was,I’d of watched the hell out of Nicholas cage hamming that up.


(Pics belong to who they belong to.used for reference purposes)

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  1. We just watched Justice League. I think that DC is still trying to “find their footing” on the franchise, so I’m not giving up yet (DC’s animated movies are amazing). Supergirl is a ton of fun, and I’m surprised with Krypton, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do.


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