Avengers infinity war in preperation

Thursday is the day. 


my tickets are booked for Middlesbrough cinema for what is an exciting movie. Avengers infinity war what  is said to be the end of ten years of cinema fun. 


Out of all the movies in the mcu the only one I’m not keen on is iron man 3. I loved the characters and the variations of stories from the thrillers like winter soldier and heists like antman to the bonkers (and one of my personal fave ) doctor strange. The avengers movies became events with my friends and family. Avengers one I watched with my bestie Rosie, it left us and a whole pub of friends talking about the movie all night. ( He killed eighty three people in two days…and hes adopted. The quotes were endless ) we have grown up loving these characters and rewatching these movies again and again.


I’m excited an both terrified for our heroes in the upcoming movies. Thanos in the comics is a beast, changing the universe with a snap of his finger. People are not making it out of this one.


Geeks online are fretting asking where is Hawkeye, missing from the marketing. The directors saying there’s a reason for his absence.( Come on though, Hawkeye has no business shooting arrows in space.)


Spoilers though. Please internet people are starting to see this movie from Monday,. Please keep quiet for the rest of us, we have all put the time in that you have.


Take care



(Pics are marcels,used for reference)

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