Saying goodbye fair well to an emigrating loved one.

This is a hard write.

My  mum’s moving to Ireland. I’m happy for her the place of my ancestry is beautiful worthy of jealousy and a well earned retirement. Over the years we lost our closeness through health and moving away and disagreements,if I could turn back time I would but that’s life. My mum’s served the community saving lives as a specialist in her field I’m proud of her,she’s earned her retirement.



I’m down in my home town of Luton to say goodbye, And I’m struggling . Not because I don’t want her to go but because it means saying goodbye. I travel down to Luton monthly ,health provided. Usually to see my first born son,catch up with my friends and family. Now there will only be my sister and grandparents left (there is an extended brood but they’ve there own lives and kids) and my boy. I say only,I’m Irish my families massive but it just feels so much smaller without my mum around.I drove past my old house an felt ok about it,( surprised myself I was expecting tears) I left that nest what feels like a lifetime ago.probably made it easier.

I’m not going to say goodbye I can’t do it. So instead good luck mum thank you for raising me ,the sacrafices an the hills we climbed.but most importantly being my first best friend. I’ll always be that kid never afraid to hug an kiss his mum at the school gates (in front of his cootie sporting friends ). love always.




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