Avengers – infinity war,review (non spoiler)

After ten years and nearly twenty movies the end of the mcu as we know it has begun, Marvel’s ambition is breathtaking. Infinity War tells a tale on a scale never seen before in cinema.


Marvel put together a complex plot involving six powerful gems called infinity stones, a villain called thanos ( who finally gets out of his chair) and more superheroes then you can count,on their own paths to stop him. Strip it down though and its a tale of family, love, and sacrifice.


Despite the DC universe sounding tone this movie still keeps the fun and wit Marvel the fans have come to love. It’s a story that could only be told on the big screen because of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films that came before it.( Homework is required )


Each movie before, planted the seeds of plot and character development that were answered in Infinity War. You don’t need to see the last 18 films to enjoy this one, but the story is made all the better by the pre-existing relationships and stories that shape the reunions, eye rolls, jokes, shared between the dozens of characters in the film.


Without the previous films those that watched Infinity War won’t get the full experience, because it couldn’t be achieved in the span of one movie or sequels. Thanos, let me be frank ( i’m Hartley,who’s frank? ) Is an amazing villain,menacing!! I would almost go as far to say better then ledgers joker ( sacrilege it maybe ). After years of him being teased or showing up for one scene here and there ,was finally given his due in this film. Villains have never been the MCU’s priority normally just a plot to raise the hero,but Thanos crushes it. After killmonger and vulture,long may this new mcu trend continue.


The pacing was also aided by the expanded world Marvel spent ten years making. Clocking in at more than two and a half hours. Infinity war flew by. No signs of filler or exposition,the movie kicks off the action from the start. Full of drama as much as it is wit alot of it brought on by unique and clever character pairings. The dialogue in this movie is especially funny which considering the dire situation just works to full marvel effect.okoye” When you said you were going to open Wakanda to the rest of the world, this is not what I imagined.” T’Challa What did you imagine? Okoye: The Olympics, maybe even a Starbucks!


Only a decade of Kevin feige and amazing film makers wielding and interconnecting plots could have made Marvel’s fantastic and cosmic universe of  heroes and villains work this well. I doubt it will ever be repeated. The cast were awesome, josh brolin kills it as Thanos and Tom Holland as Spidey was a particular standout for me.  If you hadn’t already worked it out this is a Hartley recommends!! I think this film looked and sounded amazing and I loved every minute of it. Stay to the end of the credits and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be a long years wait for avengers four.

A very reccomended 9/10,if i had to nitpick anything it could of been a bit longer,to give some characters more screen time.


Take care



(Pics belong to marvel and co,used for reference)

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