School gymnasium – a memory

im currently sat on an old school gymnasium bench,


You know the kind right? The ones that make your fun hole more a fidgety pain but some how still numb hole?. Im watching holly (the daughter) do gymnastics ( they say gymnastics, but really it looks like a bunch of girls rolling round on the floor giggling )


Upon smelling the gymnsaium (as you do its whafty) i realised they all smell the same. An it took me back to being a skinny (i really was once ) and tiny ( im still a hobbit) 9 year old, who looked at a gym like a lion looked at a gazelle leaping away from him.


Unfortunately i was more dying gazelle then lion, often tripping over the spring board,or jumping clean over the horse i was supposed to mount. Once i distinctly remember landing on my face but still got up straight hands aloft proudly stating “ta-da”. Maybe that was the birth of the man child i became,still to this day i use sillyness for embarrassing or awkward situations i cannot help it, its a reflex.


Funny how 21 years later (…fine 22 ) im still rubbish at gym, my laces now  would tie themselves together at the mere mention of exercise to see if id tumble. Such is life…there will always be that one time i managed to climb the rope ( milked that one with the teach)…an fell off it half way down…..”ta-da”


Its also funny how those gymnasiums still smell the same,how much those benches really do hurt my now not so skinny bum, and how im now sat watching the daughter bein silly an shouting “ta-da”


Take care



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