A novel idea – p.s thank you readers.

So i had this bright idea to write a novel.

Bright ideas dont happen to me too often,an when they do it turns out its not so bright. I am however pushing forward with this one. ( Im a serial quitter, massively hard on myself complex ) i mapped out my characters, the synopsis the general story. Im stuck on the ending i have been for weeks.


I have alot of ideas rattling around my brain, and im really enjoying blogging/writing and the positive word i have got from people who read it has been amazing. Thank you so much for giving me confidence in something in my life. It means the world an it has helped me not give up or quit when the negative nonsense tries to make me.


I do have alot of ideas for children books to sci fi adulty books. All with my trade mark truth brackets ( ok its not trade marked but its my thing shh ) well get the first one done though an see what happens. Positive note I just booked a camping holiday to haven Lakeland for the school holidays and i am beyond excited for that! ( Seriously love a holiday park holiday, so fun )


Despite the fun hole operation and the ridiculous lack of wages it caused an catching up( on everything!! Oh and the car needing 300 pound of repairs i didnt have thanks neighbour,isnt adulting fun ) . I feel like things are going well and i have my blog and readers to thank for that. After thirty odd years weather im good at it or not,i have found something to be consistent at. something i really enjoy thats filled me with more confidence.


I think the reason i cant think of an ending is because its all still just the beginning. Who really ever wants anything good to end? (  junkies and alcoholics however, the funs over get help ) looking forward to deadpool 2 at the weekend. Hope you all have a good geekend.


Take care



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