Hartley @ the movies Deadpool 2 review


This is one of my most anticipated movies of the year so far, especially after the balls to the wall the first film served up. Plus all the excellent promotion it has been doing. Its a great pallet cleanser after Avengers Infinity War.


I am of the opinion that this sequel is better at action then the first one, obviously it’s not going to be a revolutionary first of its kind movie like the original but it’s amazing in almost all aspects.The movie was one of the funniest movies I have watched but the first is funnier. Although a very linear story its still a great superhero movie. But the dialogue and emotion really does come out, as well as all the humanity in all of the characters which is sometimes lacking in that aspect. Also all the characters are all references in themselves all having a comedical value which deadpool exploits in the film. The lead villain Cable is also very interesting because his personality clashes Deadpool’s, and it makes for some great scenes with Deadpool aggravating him throughout and a long running fanny pack joke.


The best part for me of the movie is Ryan Reynolds as deadpool. And as a comic reader he IS deadpool the way he just takes the mick out of the X-Men and lots of others is genius also make sure you stay all the way till the end of the credits.


The cast are great particularly zazzie beats as domino,Luck is a cinematic superpower. Josh brolin as cable is amazing he is badass!!


Its hard to say more without spoiling the twists and turns gags an references. But i could watch cable and his future tech fight all day!! There arent many films i deem rewatch worthy,however deadpool one is in that category. And im happy to say deadpool two is as well. I loved it anyway so much so i finally gave in an bought the guy for my geek wall.



Take care



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