Nursery to reception- how to deal.(or not)

seriously how do you deal because i was a balling crying inside mess.

We took logan to his new school today for a meeting and a look around. He is going up from half days to full days a big step ( i realised how big a step it is,when the teacher said they must be able to wipe there own bums,serious stuff) upon stepping in to the school, the first thing you see is a big peter pan shrine ( my childhood hero and possible man child excuse ) i knew id like this school. But its not about me its about logan.


The next room of his new school was dedicated to pirates, trains , and peter pan again. By this point id lost logan he was off in to the lost boys den beaming from ear to ear. I was happy just to see he was happy,it never crossed my mind that hes going to full time school. The teacher asked him his name to which he replied in typical logan style ” i dont know” ( now i dont know how he cant possibly know his name. Through reppetition at least..i mean ,i shout it what feels like ten times a minute a day. At some point it should sink in ) “logan ” he finally retorts.


Were showed into the hall for the presentation. Ill be honest the bit i remember is the hundred mentions of labelling everything ( repetition you see ) and the food menu that looked like a gourmet restaurant .gone are the days of smileys,turkey dinosaurs and chocolate tart ( cheers jamie oliver, you pukka tart ) the teacher saying they will encourage kids to eat new things. Fantastic idea, but my child eats a menu consisting of chicken nuggets and chips. Weve all tried getting him to eat new things, but apparently they like a challenge ( remind me to change my phone number in September ) 


After the meeting we were invited out to the food hall, we found out his class an teachers name. I spoke to the after school club,I set up the parent pay on my account, i felt prepared almost excited for september….and then it came to the uniform.


I was gone. My little toddler,that pain in my butt,making my hair go grey baby, is going to a proper school in a gorgeous cute little uniform and i am not ready.


I realised in that instant,my four year old baby boy has grown up too fast!! It has flown from that moment i first bathed him ( opening his eyes looking at me like id cut his cord with my teeth,or shot john wicks dog )


how hed only nap if he had my top or hoody on him( i get it im a radiator ).

Hes now this noisy constantly shouting,climbing,singing,danceing nearly five year old an he makes this grinches heart grow two sizes bigger.


Lifes full of checkpoints and chapters, im watching him write a new one for himself and its exciting,terrifying,and a tiny bit heartbreaking. Logan is beyond excited for his new school and I guess thats all I could hope for, Roll on september.

Take care



( Im not crying,you are )

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