Camping time is near!!

please god let the weather stay glorious.


So the car is packed ,the clothes ironed and packed. The four year olds picked his toys ( half his bedroom ) and the daughters got her books and I have my comics.


This year we’re going to lakeland in flookburgh ( yes that is what its called,yes it makes me giggle too ), same place we went last year. Its a lovely haven site by Morcambe bay with all the normal holiday home facilities .


Kids clubs will be a must, they are amazing for the kids to make new friends and get the most out of their time away . My four year old loves rory the big tiger ( has not shut up about him and carrying his teddy for weeks),it may as well be mickey mouse to him .


Holly makes friends easy ( jealous im rubbish at it ),and our campsite is right opposite the park so shell she will be well amused. We have the beatrix potter visits planned as well and we recently watched the movie. Also reading the books to logan often. The movie was really funny so hopefully that will be a nice day out. Apart from that the plan is just to chill,laugh and lark and enjoy the facilities on site.( ahhh The mayhem and pranks ill pull on the boating lakes )


The lakes are a beautiful part of england,every angle makes for a great picture. Everyones friendly and really its a cheap getaway.


Holiday parks are ideal if your a small working family. Some of my favourite memories growing up was holiday parks with my sisiter or friends. And im hoping if i stick to the yearly thing of going there my kids will make great memories too.


I cant wait to get back to the lakes . I am not however, looking forward to putting all the tent stuff up , over the last year though everything needed has been gathered. Finally got a pull up bed and a sleeping back sonno more freezing cold floor for me. My mum bought me other bits and bobs for christmas topping it all up.( Thanks mum ) And we got a bigger tent to play with. ( tested out last time we went to the lakes,its huge )


Sometimes you just need a nice break. As a parent i think thats important even if its once a year, a night or a weekend. Do what you can afford to do,the kids will love it an you will love watching them.


Have a great bank holiday,whatever you do.

Take care



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