Hartley @ the movies, Solo a star wars story

purists may never be fully satisfied with any prequel that revisits beloved original characters.but this movie does the best attempt in recent years.


Solo a star wars story is here and Ehrenreich deserves props for going above pure imitation. He and Glover ( lando ) make their legendary characters their own, even if audiences must suspend disbelief a bit that either man could have changed quite that much in just 10 or so years. Both are amusingly arrogant yet vunerable. It’s compelling to explore how Han hooked up with Chewie and Lando, but it’s even more interesting to uncover the particulars of Han’s background, his introduction to smuggling, and his first love story. This also has some of the best action beats and pew pew fights ( as my four year old shouts ) of any star wars movies.

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Solo, like most spin-offs, isn’t strictly necessary but it’s still massively entertaining when it gets things right. A couple of key moments will definitely make fans cheer (the big bad and of course the Millennium Falcon). There are several well performed supporting roles, especially the women. Clarke, ( the Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones,) is great as Han’s often underestimated partner in crime. Newton is extremely effective in her small but pivotal role . And British comedian Phoebe Waller Bridge did tickle me as hilarious outspoken android rights’ activist L3-37. Bettany is fantastic and creepy as a chilling mob boss. Harrelson is harrelson,his laid back style bringing some heart to solos mentor. Cant forget chewbacca played by Joonas Suotamo, brilliant and even though you have no idea what those growls mean..somehow they find a a way to make sense .

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The plots nothing special simple in structure,but the moments and the cameos make this movie a great ride. As a big star wars fan and after the heaviness that was the last jedi,this felt exactly what was needed. Congrats to director ron howard on a well put together movie. Solo ultimately is a good time at the movies.



My only niggle is that some scenes could of used a bit more time to breath i cant say more without spoilers.,a small niggle for a good time.

8/10 i would watch a sequel ,and i would rewatch this one .

Take  care



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