Holiday took my nipple

So i arrived home thursday from camping in the lakes.

It was a nice little break, glorius weather with clear skies an ridiculous heat. Tent went up easy enough and after unpacking,off we went for tea. Returning from tea it was still 28 degrees, so i challenged the boy to a pew pew water gun fight ( naturally i won ) after drying up ,off we went too kids club,he loves the characters in the suit. ( And i loved watching him dance and giggle )


Tuesday was not as good. We tried going Windermere for the beatrix potter stuff and spent hours battling traffic to find everywhere full. Eventually stopping at ulverston aquarium,weve been before its lovely. Unfortunately I ended up nearly vomiting with heat stroke ( literally laid on the tent floor till my head stopped spinning ) not feeling the clubhouse,spent tuesday night watching movies and reading.


Wednesday was a good fun day. We spent a good few hours in the pool,went for lunch then had hour in the arcades. We then went up to the lakes an hired a pedal boat and that was awesome ( my four year old loved it so much he fell asleep ) after he woke up, i took him for a walk by the beach ( not on it, quicksand ) for tea we had a nice fish an chip supper.


Last activity of the day was archery and i had a blast.

We were split into teams needing so many points to win. Our team was killing it to the last arrows. Needing a yellow / bullseye to win, i aimed true ,channeling my best robin hood taking a dump face..releasing the arrow i hit the yellow!!I then heard Holly shouting ” yes nice one dad” suddenly my taking a poo face changed to the stepped on Lego face….upon firing last said arrow, the bow had taken my perky nipple with it ( when you got that one friend who twists your nipple? Like that times ten ) a few of the dads had clocked what happened ( me checking my nipple and rubbing it probably gave it away) and proceeded to burst out laughing. Class clown strikes again.( Ta -da )



The nights where the last day of the holiday went down the pan for me. We went to the last club night , and I kept getting served by an obnoxious barman who thought it was ok to speak to me like rubbish. I had been getting non alcoholic pitchers the last few nights ( im not a big drinker ) gettin six-seven drinks out of it. On the last night this barman filled the pitcher to the top with ice, we got two drinks out of it. Upon next visit to the bar i got the same guy and i asked that my pitcher not be filled with ice ” just because you dont want ice does not mean your getting more drink ” he barked at me. Stunned a second i retorted ” who the hell do you think you are? speaking to someone like that” the barman from the night before promptly came over and told him to just do as i had asked what was his problem? Bad day he answered. Anyway that put me in a mood, im a big supporter of treat people how you like to be treated an i get royally narked off when others dont. After going back to our tents we had aquired new neighbours. These neighbours were on a family, quiet after ten pm site. They partied, screamed an shouted, smoking weed till three in the morning. We were all shattered the next day. We packed up and just went home . The kids say they enjoyed it and that is all that matters to me. But the last part bummed me out ( not the nipple i was clearly put here to amuse )

its now Sunday and i still feel bummed out!!holiday blues maybe.

So there were highs there were lows, Somewhere different next year though i think. Any suggestions would be great!!

Take care





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