Fathers day

I had a difficult relationship with my dad growing up.

Since hitting adulthood weve grown alot closer,past stuff left in the past. I now have kids of my own ( obvious from the bags under the eyes ) and they adore my dad and vice versa.


My dad is a massive wind up merchant ( king of banter some would say ) and emperor of torturous tickles . Hes also so laid back im sure he walks laying down. Hes football mad and loves a social drink on a weekend, quiet time for my dad is usually music and a crossword puzzle. My dad is always the hardest worker in the room, if I could win lottery for one reason it would be so he didnt have to work anymore. My dad is one cool man as far as im concerned, he is my favourite man ( probably my kids favourite too #traitors ) I have looked up to him all my life wanting to be just like him. Eventually growing up i realized i just wanted him to like me. 6 years ago I moved up north after a hard break up , dad was there for me he gave a shit when nobody else other then my mum an sister seemed too. ( And he lived near the sea a life long goal for me #happyplace ).


Im not a fan of made up card days but fathers day should be celebrated. I think alot of dads, the good dads, get forgotten about in this modern world of ours. When getting asked what I wanted i said nothing, id rather take kids out to big indoor playground seeing them happy is all i need. Still i  got a card and bombarded with chocolate that the kids will have to help me eat ( clearly planned all along ) and a text of zaks mum.


Im off to go buy my dad a pint give him a hug an just spend some time with him. Over the last 13 years my dad has been there sickness and health good days and bad. You cant ask for more from a dad, even when we were 200 miles apart. I also have my two grand dads, both awesome and irish with a thousand stories to tell. Without them i wouldnt be here and neither would my kids. I love all three of you infinitely xx


Alot of dads dont get a chance to be a dad to there kids for various reasons an if you have made an effort an got continually rebuffed and messed around, dont lose heart you will always be your kids dad,dont give up trying. doing nothing only lets others win a war they started. An if you do nothing..reconsider your kids will remember an you will have to explain why nots with no trys to back it up.

Hope  you all enjoy time with your kids and dads. This days for us. Happy fathers day.

Take care.



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