Pardon mrs ardon,theres a chick in my garden.

Nature is a wonderful thing,it can also be a stroppy mare!!.

This time last year i spent a weekend and a few hundred quid, doing up my little garden for the kids. I sweated i lost my temper i hammered my thumb ( i got massive splinters )  the point is,it looked amazing…


I was very proud. I laid many layers of membrane down after turning the soil,id used left over slabs to make a mini patio it was cracking. ( Yep super proud ) then the black birds came… These buggers decided my bark and membrane would make an excellent nest an proceeded to dig holes all over my hard work. Que a few months of rain fall and my garden looked like mother natures bush without a good wax. I admitted defeat an in a year garden was a jungle again.


You cant even see the bark anymore, bloody birds. Anyway time has come to tackle it again. Patio has all been pulled up and old kids toys taken to the tip. Todays plan is too dig up an turn over the soil. Weed killer everything then place membrane down. Gardens just getting gravelled all over then a new table an chair set getting to chill on. I wanted it doing for kids birthday ( adult bouncey castle,i want to play too ) things we do for our kids.


Monday i started trimming the hedge an a nest fell out, caught it though thankfully and found eggs still in. ( A nest i might add made of bark twigs and ground fabric ,things animals do for there kids ) i placed them up higher and stuck more sticks round them. Thankfully mummy n daddy bird returned and on wednesday we discovered the eggs have hatched into beautiful baby birds. ( Mrs ardon theres chicks in our garden! )


So off to do a few more tip runs and lay some weed killer down and turn some soil over.Logans been a good help. I try an get him involved in everything we do,give the tiny hands the little jobs. He loves it bless him,earned himself a milkshake.


Nature is amazing ,we have one  from world saving one thing can make a massive difference,we all have a part to play. So from one sweaty daddy…


Take care

Have a great weekend,and i cant wait to show off the garden when finished



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