Gardening isnt fun… barbeques are!!

The baby birds are not babies no more..

IMG_20180629_160926_418.jpgand they are so noisy!! But adorable,nice knowing something you helped save is thriving. Shortly after posting about hatched eggs,one fell out the nest. Fortunately i was outside an seen the poor bugger fall. Putting gloves on we checked it over an placed the baba back in the nest. Thankfully chick was fine and is now a day or two away from fledgling an trying to fly . ( Mission complete ) 

Its been a long week! Alot of driving all over the country. As well as doing garden where i could.Thursday in particular i think i hit every traffic jam possible a long day stuck in a very hot van.Thursday night after finally getting home, i was rough,head was spinning and i was sick a few times so no work for me on friday ( que curling up inside the fridge waiting for death ).

The garden itself however is dug up now. Just need to weedkill then lay the netting for the forthcoming gravell. It was a long week an a bit of stipping and starting and tip n skip runs.  ( in ridiculous heat ) but its finally done (and im burnt to a crisp ) 


This weekends been lovely really. Seen my dad saturday morning ( always a good start to a saturday ),then on to the obligatory after dad/grandads beach trip. Sun still being glorious ( and burny ) we caught some pokemon ( pokemon go and children is an awesome way to trick them off there games n netflix…using a game..but still ) we splashed in the sea, chip shop lunch ( of course ) and seaside funfair before home.



Arriving home ( and it still being burny sunny warm ) i had the brainy idea of putting the pool up,and building the garden furniture oh and the first barbeque id ever done ( still awaiting poisoning results, seems we survived ) must admit the pool was awesome watching the kids play. I set it up in the sun to try an keep it all warm for them. The garden furniture was a nightmare ( honestly b n m send the right screws in future ) but looked smart once done. The red bbq was cute and worked ( bonus,again nobody has died yet ) I kept it simple with sausages,burgers,salad, buns and sweet potatoes! ( Again it was tasty nobodies died ) washed down with some shandys ( not a drinker ) it all amounted to an awesome saturday that had me smiling ear to ear.

IMG_20180630_193634_491IMG_20180630_194007_058Snapchat-780650415Snapchat-250848357Sunday so far, i woke up early ( as usual arggg) ran myself a nice bath ( i smelt like smokey bacon hartley ) cleaned up an washed dishes. Made a coffee an stuck my xbox on. Greeted by a million updates ( doesnt get turned on often ) i settled for writing this blog and playing some witcher 3. Well see what this sunday brings ( kids are already in the pool…what could go wrong ?! ) 

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Take care




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