Comic con cometh

next weekends the big one,san diego comic con


Marvel studios not attending this year,there stuff is out an theyve nothing currently to show. (#dusted )


So im hoping dc brings it big time this year,and heres what id like to see..

Man of steel 2


This is my number one wish from dc. Man of steel was awesome and henry cavill is a fanrastic superman. After last year’s justice league gave us a glimpse of a more boy scout superman ( and less batmany ) its time he got a sequel.

The batman


This film has been rumoured and spoke about for a while. Alot of articles and click bait have batted around…( Sorry ) about afflecks involvement for a while,bur honestly im not bother who plays batman. My pick would be scott adkins a real stuntman and fighter. I dont think batman needs to be a top known actor. Batman will get butts in seats. Excited to see what Matt Reeves brings after the brilliant planet of the apes trilogy.



We know this ones coming at christmas, mamoas direction with aquaman is a cool exciting one. Cant wait to see the movie james wan has made for us.



This is supposed to be a playful more lighthearted take on a dc properties. A kid transforms into an adult with superman like powers..its an interesting concept. Looking forward to seeing more.

Wonder woman 2 (84)


Wonder woman was a beautiful movie..until the last third turned into a cgi mess. If we can avoid this an keep the heart from the first ill be very excited for the sequel.

Long shots..

Justice league 2


Whilst i wanted snyder to finish his planned story. Justice league had moments i loved and an end tease i really want to see come to fruition. Id like an announcement of justice league 2.



This was talked about before and im a nightwing fan. But i honestly think we need to get a batman movie bwfore we do bat family stuff.

Birds of prey


The actors involved have said its coming. Id watch it,its a great comic.

Suicide squad 2


So the first one had issues. But there is so much potential for this franchise id like to see a second one. Just pick a story from the comics adapt and film it . It doesnt have to be hard.( And dont be afraid of an R rating )


Click bait sites and other sites say dc are struggling. I have enjoyed there movies mostly though. And they have such vast stories and ip to choose from i really hope there time is now.

Deadpool 2 uncut.


Recently announced to be debuting at comic con. An extended uncut deadpool 2. This is one of my fave movies of the year so far. So the more the better.

And the rest..

The usual dc and marvel tv shows are expected to be there. Id be interested to see more on agents of shield and gothams last seasons directions ( hopefully batman will appear and finish it better then smallville,was not a fan) 

Whatever this one brings ill be streaming in my garden in the north east of England, a happy geek.



Life is good

Take care



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