A super weekend

So this weekend consisted of a family reuinion and i loved it!!


My mum came back for my sisters party from ireland ( que happy son,i missed my mum ) the drive down from teeside to luton though,was ridiculous. The m1 on bedfordshire is a joke,the constant meddling and changing with the speed signs is going to cause a bad accident. Avoid at all costs,ill be using that A1 everytime from now on. We got to town about 2 oclock an went straight to my nans for a cuppa and a catch up. I have a real traditional irish nana so of course a cuppa turned into a cuppa and a small buffet. We ate we laughed we planned our trip to ireland to visit,hopefully in october. Then on to.see the birthday girl herself,my dad was already there hed travelled down the day before so after another cuppa ( im british we like tea ) we left for the hotel an a rest n wash.

The party was at stockwood golf course. It might be one of the coolest parties i have been too. ( There was dominoes pizza so instant win) i picked up my best friend mark an his girlfriend verity and there kid caleb an brought them too. My dad brought his best friend Ecky and his partner diane. Everyone had someone an i found that awesome (stealing that idea ). I do suffer anxiety an the idea of going to a party and being stuck in a room of people including new people terrifies me to the point i shake. But i can honestly say this didnt happen i thought positively and talked myself into going. I loved every minute of bouncing around talking to all my family members and family friends. It was a great night for a great occasion, my gorgeous little sisters 30th ( *cough* 21)  Happy birthday sis enjoy your holiday!! X

Ended the weekend with a trip to the park with the bro and the kids,before the three hour drive home ( my sons decided uncle marks his current fave though,so i was demoted. I know rude!! )


Ill be sulking till im his fave again now haha. Next blog will be comic con!!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Take care



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