Comic con 2018

First ill start with an rip for mr jon schnepp who passed away just before the con began.He was quite possibly one of my favourite geeks in the world. Regularly listened to his collider podcasts at work and followed him on social media. Hes one of the few nerds whos opinons i knew to be honest. A true comic book sweaty he knew the good from the fluff pieces. Hell be missed by all who knew him and knew of him. The world needs more jon big guy. There is a collection going or a go fund me to help pay medical bills. If you are on social media search @jonschnepp Twitter mainly. you will find the link. Ill be sending something over on pay day.its a worthy cause for a great guy.



Comic con arrived and it was awesome!

Start with the big ones,DC owned it this year ( marvel studios not appearing helped) but even so the stuff they showed brought the house down.

Wonderwoman 84 was shown with panel and some footage,no real news though but we know this one will be good.


Shazam panel came along with a fantastic trailer. It was brilliant ,a real big with powers feel. Perfectly cast looking like a good time at the cinema.


Aquaman was the one though. Big fan of mr mamoa take on the king of the seas. After a brief cameo in BvS, we got a full on taste of the man in justice league and he was a highlight. But this trailer looks incedible! James wan of conjuring and insidious fame has truly knocked this out of the park. The comic accuracy of the characters and the blending of practical and cgi is remarkable. Truly star wars under water and i cannot wait!!


We also got a look at godzilla 2 king of monsters . The first one is a beautiful looking but slow movie. Worth watching for the king of monsters himself though. Hopefully in this sequel we will get alot more action ( looks like theres plenty of monsters ) 


And fantastic beasts 2 the crimes of grindlewald ( harry potter episode 0.2 ) trailer shown and johnny depp appeared in character ( i love stuff like that characters showing up in costume) all around good trailer ill check the film out.


cw dc tv had a decent turn out with new previews for flash,arrow,legends and supergirl were shown an i have to say i want to watch them all. And i gave up on arrow a season or two ago so props!! ( More constantine is always good! )


We had a trailer for the new dragon ball movie making broly official ( big bad really powerful super legendary ultimate beast mode saiyan ) looking forward to that one.


A highlight for me worth mentioning,was the female doctor who.Im not a big who fan but from what little glimpses weve got of the new direction. Its got my interest.


Dc also anounced a new dark comic line the dc black label,uncut grown up comic books. Im in!!


There were more to see,but these were the bits i gravitated towards.its been a crazy weekend personally and hobbyly ( iv just made that word up im pretty sure )

Last note.note. gunn the master and creator of the unreal guardians of the galaxy and overseer of the cosmic mcu,was sacked by disney over bad jokes hed made..and already alologized for,before getting guardians one job,ten years ago. Is this where this pc mad worlds going? Where stuff we did when we were immature  twits can be dragged uo an used against us..if so nobody will be in a job!! I hope that decision is reversed. Gunn is the heart of the guardians and they in turn are the heart of the mcu.


Hope you all had a good weekend.

Take care



(Pics are for reference only copyrighted to there owners. Not mine )

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