Its been a week.

The gardens finished!!

That was a hard an busy month. Through busy weekends illness and work,its finally finished an im proud as punch!! Monday was the new gardens birthday and i have spent every evening in it since. Candles on and lights a glowing,i have found somewhere to chill,a proper place of zen. The kids can have it in the day ( half there toy boxes too ) but at night its the grown ups hideaway. It was so worth the sweat the time and many silly injuries ( i am not diy, more bou…bodge it up) just need to make some friends in the north east to share it with now ( Introverted problems )

download (2)

Weekends been nice and relaxed,took logan to his first cinema trip. We watched teen titans go…to the movies ( i see what they did there ) and he loved it. He sat and laughed through it all and asked to go straight back in ( i tried explaining when you escape torture you dont go back for seconds ) He loved it and thats what matters.


When the kids were occupied i stuck forensic files on netflix an did some drawings on my tablet ( my fave past time when alone ).


I even managed to play a game, no mans sky for the PS4. The game came come out to alot of controversy but recently received an apparent game changing update. I sunk a few hours in and i didnt see anything game changing to what was there before . But it was relaxing nonetheless ,what more could you want on a sunday.


Saturday night i realised someone close to me had been telling me lies. I was the only one making an effort for the relationship. And i could of lashed out but i didnt i took a minute had a think an just realised i dont need people like that in my life and neither do you. Whilst we should treat others always with care and respect to the best of our ability. We should not be afraid to walk away from those who continue not to give you the same thought. ( How very adult )


All in all its been a nice calming week and i hope you had a nice one too.


Take care




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