Sundays brief

Iv spent the evening terrified



Finally opened resident evil 7,after it being sat wrapped since Christmas ( i know,but id gone off gaming) iv just lost a whole evening to this game. Its incredible,so scary so easy to play and enjoyable as heck. No zombies yet!! But the texas chainsaw style family are all the creep you need!! Absolutely loving it.


So a week it has been,and i havent much to report. Work has been super busy, overtime everyday. Im part time monday an friday at the moment though so it just tops up my hours. Needless to say im feeling tired ( baring in mind im home for the kids which means arguing with the teenager and playing make believe with the toddler… sometimes the other way round.) Friday we went to jump 360 an ive got to be honest i found it a rip off. For the three of us to get in it cost 36 pound ( had to buy special socks for us all ) an we had an hour…or so we were told. We had to have a health an safety presentation,which i understood but it ate into our hour. The place is only little an while the foam pit was fun the first few goes..I felt the price for what you got too steep. As a working dad i reccomend a indoor playground, They will have trampolines save your pennies. ( I did manage a flip though i was majestic as a swan on ice )

I also saw antman and the wasp. And it was brilliant! So funny and lighthearted. Just pure mcu greatness. So very reccomended.


i hope you have all had a great week. Shout out to my friends and family for always being there ( and sensing when you need a chat,as the best ones can)  i love ya.

Take care



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