Comic books and zombies

So its been a busy week!! 

I spent my weekend playing with my four year old,visiting the comic store, doodling ( of course… so relaxing ) and zombies..I purchased a spider man comic and its a great read! Gave me the idea for this blog, the reason i love comic books and hopefully pull people round to the dark side! ( Sorry not sorry )


I love comics because they’re unique. Theres nothing that can do what comics can do. Films are always the first thing to be compared with them, and while I do love film, ( thats all i do,watch films and draw…mainly comic book films ) the two medias though stand alone. The way a comic plays out, telling the audience a story that might not seem like they participate in, but the mere act of reading, turning a page, that build up, the slow-down, flicking back a few pages to check something, ( breathe , let the rant flow ) allowing them to delve into details in the background…every panel counts,every bubble every picture. It’s not what made me fall in love with comics, but it’s what made me excited to stay. This weird little picture book is testament of opportunities available to the storytellers. Even though pictures and words have been used in combination since people were still trying to figure out how to put words on a cave, there’s new and intriguing ways still being explored and discovered, and it’s truly magic to be a part of that and witness it happening.I initially fell in love with comics because they told a story I didn’t get chance to see anywhere else. Like most of you reading this , it was superhero comics that got me. Sonic the hedgehog was a dark and serious comic ( everyone got cyborged..horrifying ) superman complete with mullet, and of course spider-man, ( ultimate line being my favourite ) As time went on, I realised there was more to comics than just spandex. There was real, genuinely imagination changing stories being told in this space, Dark knight returns is phenomenal story telling even to this day. ( I realize writing that last bit batman wore spandex )And that’s the final reason I love comics. It’s so under appreciated for the horrendous amount of work that goes into it. It’s more often a labor of love for people than a job, and even for those who does this for their living it can be one hell of a strenuous and difficult job. ( And unless your a top dog it pays pennies ) but you persevere, because nothing else in the world let’s you tell stories the way comics do. Comics have for the most part a small amount of eyes on them, and yet some of the stories and work is mind blowing. Comics deserve criticism, they deserve press, and they deserve people standing up to shout from the rooftops that they exist and it’s here to stay. It’s not just kids books, it’s not just a space for sci-fi fans, it’s literature and it’s art. It’s heart pouring into and out of the pages. It’s comics. And I love it


Resident evils still a thing in the house,the seventh game is amazing!! Got me watching the cgi movies. Vendetta , damnation ,degeneration ( not the live actions oh god no ) ive noticed though they have gone full creature feature then zombies though. Not a bad thing, zombies seem to be everywhere at the minute. Nice to see a media evolve and change ( isnt it ..walking dead )


on another note, power rangers is 25 years old….25!! That makes me definitely 30..something . Congrats saban, i stopped watching it after time force, season 5 ish. Because i was early teens then and…girls. Currently watching through them on netflix with the 4 year old though ( even though like everything he watches on netflix, he watches the first episode of whatever it is again an again… argggg ) the darker grown up comic book line though is amazing ! Really enjoying it.

giphy (1)

The british weather destroyed my beautiful gazebo ( full nights sleep though so fair trade ) on the positive Holiday next week! Going to craig tara haven, i cant wait to watch my kids play..and chuck them down a water slide, traumatizing maybe..worth it? Definitely .. i will update with the level of trouble im in..( it will probably be big ) 



Hope you all have a great week.

Take care



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