Holiday weekend..Craig tara,Scotland

i dont want to go home…

I get that will make this article redundant ( spoilers and all ) but bare with me.  I wanted to take the kids away before they went back to school, but i wanted somewhere new. Craig tara was a totally random choice, but a great one ( spoilers again )


Craig tara is a haven, but i dont think its a normal haven. They have a burger king ( what more could you need ) a papa johns ( bonus,unless you have my cant eat pizza tummy ) the best chinese food van in the world !! Parks all over! An indoor playground,a fun fair,actual go karts!! An a ton of activities. We tried the laser quest,it was madness! The beach was literally a stones throw away, great when your pooch needs a walking.


There swimming park is fantastic ( cant call it a pool,you dont swim you play ) full of slides and lazy rivers. I had a blast ( i know im 30 sonething child ) i cant praise it enough,but ill give it a go. The arcades were well stocked, plenty to play with. I loved the fact it had two entertainment lounges. One loud an noisy for kids and one not so noisy both still good. Particular shout out to the adventure live crew. I have been to plenty of havens ,an the craig Tara ones were the best crew so far. My kids had a blast, they were interactive an genuinely talented.


The weekends been great, i lapped everyone on the go karts ( foot down the whole way) I actually had a few drinky poos ( actual alcoholic beverages ) i met an rode a lovely lady called andrea at the fair ( hard ) loved walking on the beach. But most of all i loved seeing the kids play and laugh. Thats what its all about really , and yes there was a few tears and a few drama moments ( when is there not ) but craig tara certainly made parenting away from home..easier. Also worth noting they make every effort to help and serve the disabled. It was noticed ,worth praising.


Tomorrow is home time. Im Going to drive the scenic route through to Newcastle (  no way am i tackling the a66 on a bank holiday!! ) We popped out in the car on sunday,and found a lovely castle ruins called Dunure castle. We parked at the harbour for ice cream an took some pictures. The beauty of scotland is just that, its beautiful!


I dont want to go! ( Your fault craig tara ) 


( Too soon? )

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Take care



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