Kids are back to school…summer is over

So Logan starts full time school tuesday.( Hallelujah) And its back to normal rubbish weather.

Summer has truly ended and it went out with a whisper. It wasnt a bad summer though to be fair. There were talks of droughts and yellowing of the ground ( not that i noticed #teamcolourblind )


We had a glorius summer,that i spent the majority off doing a garden up to enjoy it. Just as it was finished the heavens opened an the winds of the big bad wolf from the three pigs appeared. The wolf huffed an puffed an trashed my hard work ( sods law, that happens to me alot i may write about it, im told it would make a good story ) cest la vie as they say.

download (3)

To the more important factor….THE KIDS ARE BACK TO SCHOOL THIS WEEK !! Thank whoever the hell is above because my god my brain is moosh and i work full time!! You single mothers truly deserve a bloody medal. All joking aside i love them i do but its time,6 weeks is plenty they need learning and kids there own age ( and another adult needs to feel my pain ) upon writing this iv just realised my daughters school has 7 weeks off…( Im Im not crying )


Im excited for logan to start his full time school adventure. Hes a funny kid hell make friwnds hopefully long term friends hell grow up with. Holly i worry about, shes too nice too soft. From what i remember of upper school and bullies im worried theyll eat her alive. But i guess you dont know how someone will react till there in that situation. In the end i think shell be ok though.


This weeks been really busy at work. Thursday an friday i was driving all over delivering. The older i get i feel like the longer it takes me to recover from thise trips. So this weekend just been relaxing drawing and watching daredevil season 2 again, that show is so good!!

black catdd

On a negative, Things have been and felt tough lately ,but it happens. Its nothing haven’t been through before we make it work. Doesn’t stop my anxieties and worrys, but i need to remember i am my own worst enemy. I am the one who can hurt an get me down the most . The people in your life who love you,who make you smile they are a rock. Dont give up we all have bad times . Theres always someone worse off then you and there is always a reason to smile!!


Fitness wise, been off the takeaways a while now and there not missed. Im in 32w jeans!! Home cooked food is awesome, im considering going vegetarian for a while . Running is something i need to just do instead of think about,maybe tomorrow. Procrastination is my super power and my weakness. ” Ill do it tomorrow ” will leave me suddenly 40 and obese. But still a massive geek with three fantastic kids. And people in my life i couldn’t be without. But if i make the changes ill make 50 and more. More time to smile laugh and love. Theres that smile again .

giphy (1).gif

Hope your all ok

Have a good one

Take care



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